How to Trust God in L.I.F.E (Our Given Purpose the Podcast)

How to Trust God in L.I.F.E (Our Given Purpose the Podcast)


Welcome to Season 9 of Our Given Purpose the Podcast!!!

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Our system for the remainder of the year and our new acronym. L.I.F.E (Love-Involves-Faithful-Expressions)

How are you navigating life from a Biblical perspective? Are you tapping into all the resources God gives us to keep Him the priority?

Meditate Using – 

(LOVE) Jeremiah 31:3 

(Involves) Jeremiah 29:11

(Faithful. Expressions) Numbers 23:19 


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  1. Day 273 What a Year! by Diana L.W. Coleman
  2. Day 272 Fault Finding?! by Torrie Slaughter
  3. Day 271 A Responsible Christ-Follower, (Continued) by Torrie Slaughter


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