Hashtag Liar Hashtag Lazy

Hashtag Liar Hashtag Lazy

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 16 Luke Chapter 16
  • Bible Reading Luke 16:1-31
  • Focus Scripture Luke 16:11 “If then you have not been faithful with unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?”

Have you ever been shocked when someone told you about their profession? I experienced this not too long ago. I was invited to enjoy dinner at a new bistro. The owner proclaimed he’s a “chef” yet, I was certain the chopped salad and roasted chicken came from a different local restaurant. However, he touted how hard he’d worked preparing the entrée I was fortunate enough to partake of. We will try our best to sell someone a lie, won’t we? Our egos are not able to handle rejection. While some of the patrons gave him credit for his artistry (plating presentation and overall service) they did not have a clue of what laid beyond. We could have experienced these same culinary delights at a smaller price point. The other establishment offered generous portions and a broader range of options. But the question…why steal? Why did this “chef” need to take credit for something he did not produce? The answer: fear; laziness, and doubt. Fear of not being talented enough; laziness because he didn’t want to exert effort, and doubt of the purpose God blessed him with.

Luke 16:1-13 The parable of the dishonest manager is a very interesting teaching. On the one hand, the manager tries to recoup some of the money for his master by discounting the debts owed, on the other, he is continuing to sin by short-changing his master. He was not completely doing his job. The irony was, this master was happy with the financial gain and the manger’s resourcefulness. Why??? Why would one be happy with less than the amount owed?… The enemy likes to steal and the enemy likes to settle. If he can get you to sin, what would he care how much it cost? The religious teachers were leading people astray. Jesus taught about the cost of following Him. Luke 14:29 Talks about finishing what we start, the manager did not finish, he took a shortcut. When we try to please man we forget our morals and what it is we should do out of love. Luke 16:15 Love has us going the extra mile (Matthew 5:41). We don’t book four-star accommodations and expect two-star amenities. If you take less because it is for someone else what does that say about your character? Would you hire this man if he asked to manage you household? Probably not.

Unfortunately, this is what happens in today’s society. We are thieves with more resources at our finger tips. By simply copy and pasting content on our social media pages we can have lifestyles that anyone would envy. We can pretend; as long as no one looks behind the curtain. With the internet, privacy is an artificial cloak. We can keep up “control”, even if we are settling for less every day because our spiritual lives are non-existent and we are lost.

Greed is a double edged sword.

Luke 16:10 “The one who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and the one who is dishonest in very little is also dishonest in much.” 

Intellectual property and anything produced from someone else is stealing if you do not give them credit. This world of online personas has us compromising at every angle. I have seen countless images stolen, identities faked, and petty arguments arise, all because someone didn’t have the courage to stand in their truth. They were not happy with who they were so they wanted to become someone else. Don’t let Satan take your identity. Do not despise your small beginnings and do not compromise your morals to please people. People may shoot down your dreams and kill your body but God is the only one Who has the power to judge and find our eternal destinies.

Embrace who you are and develop your talents. Praise others and ask questions if needed; everyone starts somewhere. Those who know who they are in Christ will have no problem sharing their abilities. Christ followers know that everything belongs to God. God gave you a passion, trust Him to help you grow it.


 Discussion Questions:

  1. Are you the same person online as you are offline?
  2. Does your wealth make you abandon true spirituality?
  3. How do you stand in your truth so that you can repent of your sins?


A Few Points:

  1. Luke 16:1-13 We cannot serve God and wealth. The parable of the shrewd manager.
  2. Luke 16:14-18 Jesus continues to teach as the Pharisees listen on. Because they were so focused on money they could not see what laid beyond. These religious teachers served their wallets and wanted man to envy them. Jesus taught that they were indeed living sinful lives and were false teachers of the truth.
  3. Luke 16:19-31 Jesus tells about the rich man and the beggar. Even when the teaching comes from Jesus the people still won’t listen. 


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  1. Joshua23

    Yes I am the same person online as I am offline. My wealth does not make me dishonor God. I stand in truth by continually praying to God

  2. Some lessons are learned well as other lessons are well learned and it’s a difference between the two. Just as our character is really defined in how we act and react when no one is looking or listening It is pointless to think that we can hide our sins because even attempting to do so we are sinning. When will we learn that we truly own nothing and that our Creator God owns everything! I’m so grateful that My Father is the sole owner of everything and I am an heir because of my belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Thanks again my royal daughter. Love agape, Mom

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