H.U.H The Podcast

H.U.H The Podcast

Bible Reading: Psalm 131:1-3

Hello Purposeful Family!

Are you looking to expand your podcast library? Are you redefining your circle and making the choice to choose God’s holiness each day? Well if you are I would like to suggest listening to Christian Girls P.O.P and the Yellow Room. Whether you listen on Apple Podcasts, Googleplay, Spotify, Stittcher, Radio Public or Tune In, you are helping us continue to create content. Let’s make Jesus famous to another generation.




HUH? Yes that is how I overcame my pridefulness and allowed God to continue a great work within me. I was fearful and that led to many destructive behaviors. Listen as I talk you through how God helped me use a non descript word to signal my brain to question my attitude and actions.


 The Yellow Room 

Christian Girls P.O.P

Our Given Purpose



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  1. What a great reminder for us to see others as God’s creation. 🙏🏽 thank you so much, love agape, Mom

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