Foundation of Our Temple

Foundation of Our Temple

Welcome Friends,

I hope you have read Cleansing Our Temple  AND  What is Building Our Temple? as they serve as limbs to this devotion and prayerfully guide our actions going forward. 

Foundation of Our Temple

REVERENCE- honor or deep respect felt or shown for someone or something.

1. Our reverence to God will be shown through how we treat ourselves and others. As we become more intentional about using reverence or love as a frame for everything we say and do we can begin the cleansing process. Matthew 21:12

2. Once we acknowledge that we are in fact selling distractions via attitudes and broken emotional states we can seek the help (prayer, meditation, or licensed therapist) we need to stop reselling our woes.

3. Our circle of confidants may change as a result of seeking to be healed. 

The blind beggar, Bartimaeus, cried out to be healed by Jesus, but he was told to be quiet: to stop yelling. Jesus had already performed many miracles; His character, mercy, love, and grace were known. The “people” standing closest to Bartimaeus told him to hush. Bartimaeus cried out even louder and Jesus the Son of God healed him because of his faith and belief. (Mark 10:46-52)

Our family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones should respect, not discourage our desire for change. This is the application of reverence; those closest to us honoring our right to be healed and renewed. People rarely notice what we do all-the-time because it’s our routine. They as well as ourselves are habitual beings. The desire for change, I believe, is born out of our mustard seed faith. It is persistent and something that we can not let go of. Faith becomes the thing we feel is missing from our lives or the basis for wanting to learn more about the Higher Being that created the universe. How ever we look at it until we fill this void or grow in faith we will always feel incomplete. This -is- brokenness. Our lives without God, ignoring the Holy Spirit within us that is craving to be nourished. We are the temple surrounding the soul that is inside us. It is the foundation we live through.

1.What do you acknowledge you’re selling? A.Vanity B. Attitude/Mindset C. Arrogant intelligence D. Other_______

2.How will you begin to change? A.Repentance B.Prayer C. Fasting D.Therapy E._____

3.What needs to be cleared out so this change can take effect? A.Circle of friends B. Social Media usage C. Entertainment D. Food/Alcohol/Medicine

*Having a plan in place will keep you accountable.

As always thank you for reading and engaging in the content God allows me to write. I pray this is a helpful beginning.



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  1. How many countless times like Humpty Dumpty I’ve sat on or been up against a wall and glory and thanks 🙏🏿 be to God that He has put me back together from my brokenness and lack of faith and not immediately putting my trust in Him. Daughter always trust and depend on Him and know how powerful you are in Him. Love agape, Mom

  2. Broderick Slaughter

    There is so much out that has our attention, when our focus should be on God. Lord I pray that you continue to strengthen me to know the difference so I won’t lose sight of your Grand purpose for my life. Thank you My Queen.

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