Fears, Excuses, & Opportunities

Fears, Excuses, & Opportunities


Bible Reading Exodus 3:1-22

Focus Scripture Exodus 3:11-15


Hello Purposeful People!

Today’s podcast Fear, Excuses, and Opportunities is something I believe we can all identify with… Yesterday on the Our Given Purpose Youtube channel I talked about a missed opportunity. I allowed fear to take over and made the excuse that I didn’t know enough to take on the opportunity that was laid before me. And that was to go into business.  I didn’t go to our Lord in prayer and ask for His strength to help me. This is one of my biggest regrets.

  When we know someone’s character or how they will deal with us it makes our task a little easier. We aren’t immediately offended because we know the person’s heart. Armed with that knowledge we can forge ahead with the bigger picture; instead of focusing on the small emotional issue. Pharaoh was determined to keep his slaves and heaped more work on them because of Moses. We too may feel as though our workload has doubled; because we are going against the grain of what this world’s leaders tell us we should do. Or should aspire to become, or even who to serve as God. Using the book of Exodus as a reminder that we as children of God we have a greater purpose within His divine plan and we are to seek after Him for our direction. Like Moses it may be time to have an open and honest conversation with God, coming humbly before him seeking His wisdom.



  1. Fitnessbyslaughter

    Thank you my Queen.
    I block myself everyday, God has truly blessed me with opportunities to enrich myself. But I always seem to stop my progress. I continue to pray that I will let go of fear, and reach my full potential of Gods purpose for me. Love you my Queen🙏🏾

    • ourgivenpurpose

      Thank you Beloved for sharing your testimony. Many of us struggle with progress, it is easy to allow things to fester and/or to keep circling. We may wonder why we haven’t moved to another “level”. I think it causes us to adjust our lives and change our mindset. If our focus is only on our problems or difficulties we will miss how we can learn from them. Likewise, our opportunities to climb higher in wisdom and knowledge instead of repeating the same cycle of unproductive decisions and conversations. I love you and am grateful that we are growing as a family in the body of Christ. ❤️

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