Family of Purpose


Meet the Slaughter Family! 

Hey, Ya’ll, we are the faces behind Our Given Purpose®. What began as a God-given idea has branched into all of us pursuing our given purpose. As parents, it is a blessing to watch our sons follow God’s plan for their lives. We continue to encourage and inspire one another as we effectively spread the Gospel using the gifts and talents the Lord provides.

Walk with us as we embrace the 5 ‘F’s’ Faith-Family-Friends-Fitness-Finance through a minimalistic approach. Please visit and connect with Broderick (the Dad), Torrie (the Mom), Caleb (the Oldest), and Joshua (the Youngest)



Broderick Slaughter, Founder and Owner of Aesthetic Flow Media,LLC




Torrie Slaughter, Founder and Owner of Our Given Purpose® & Torrie Slaughter, LLC





Caleb Slaughter, Founder and Owner of SlaughterIT by Caleb Michael, LLC



Joshua Slaughter, Founder and Owner of Technically Unbothered

Technically Unbothered the Ebay Store