Encouragement: How to Create a Ripple Effect (Podcast)

Encouragement: How to Create a Ripple Effect (Podcast)
Our Given Purpose the Podcast presents: Encouragement: How to Create a Ripple Effect

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👋 In This Mentoring Session
Our system for the remainder of the year and our new acronym. L.I.F.E (Love-Involves-Faithful-Expressions)
I hope you will read, study, and personalize this letter to the Philippians after understanding the context. I urge you to see the people Paul wrote to and their culture. You will be amazed at the new clarity you will experience by learning first before applying.
How can you use Philippians 2:1-5, as an attitude adjustment and produce a ripple effect of encouragement?
Meditate Using –
(LOVE) Philippians 2:1-2
(Involves) Philippians 2:3
(Faithful) Philippians 2:4
(Expressions) Philippians 2:5,13

Journal Prompts

Pause and calmly think about:

  • Your willingness to change your attitude?
  • Have you surrounded yourself with like-minded people both spiritually and regarding your work?
  • Do you trust God to strengthen your resolve to move beyond inconvenience or disagreements?
Lord, help us to pick up your Word, which is a mighty sword. Teach us to think more like You and behave with an eternal vision. Restore us so that we may reflect the grace and mercy we receive from your everlasting love. Thank you for this platform and all who will experience a breakthrough in meditation and prayer while communicating with you. Be with us, Lord. In Your name, I pray. Amen.
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