Empower Your Growth a Podcast Interview with Full-Time Black Woman

Empower Your Growth a Podcast Interview with Full-Time Black Woman

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Aleese Real & Esha Belle are the writers, founders, and CEOs of

Full-Time Black Woman

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Who are Aleese Real & Esha Belle:

Aleese Real is a southern belle with some big-city style. Aleese is a cool, creative, hard-working professional and co-host on Full-Time Black Woman podcast. After over a decade in corporate America, she’s a full-time professional who knows her stuff and has a passion for supporting her fellow Melanin Money Makers. Her goal is to create a space where black women professionals and entrepreneurs feel encouraged, appreciated, and connected.  


Esha Belle was born and raised in the Midwest. She studied and became an adult in the Northeast. Her corporate America experience spans a decade-plus of environments ranging from cubicle to couch (working from home). Esha is interested in uplifting other like-minded career and entrepreneurial driven black women. As the co-host of the Full-Time Black Woman podcast, she wants to let professional black women know they’re valuable in and out of the office.


Full-Time Black Woman is a podcast, blog, and mindset. What does it mean to be a full-time black woman? You’re black in a white world. You’re a woman in a man’s world. The one job you can’t clock out of. You’re a black woman always, in all ways. Take some personal time with us and reclaim your energy from the 9 to 5.


The Interview: This conversation was so much fun. I tried my best to cut out the howling laughs but some of them made it in. Aleese and Esha are writers for their blog Full-Time Black Woman and we openly discussed a couple of their latest works. Please visit www.fulltimeblackwoman.com to read, relax, and be inspired. 

The Session- ‘Elements of Arrogance and Pride’:

We are proud to air our first interview in season four focusing on arrogance and pride. In our conversation, Aleese and Esha discuss the difference between arrogance and confidence. We may not always handle situations correctly, but we can learn from our mistakes. I hope as you listen, you will recognize some of your triggers and adjust when challenged in the future.

Journal Prompts

  1. Have you let go of toxic thinking?
  2. Have you made arrogant assumptions?
  3. How has God shown up for you?
  4. In what ways have you been positively influenced by knowledge?
  5. When was the last time you updated your ‘Professional Props Paper’? 



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