Do Not Grow Weary

Bible Reading: Luke 15:27-32

How long do I have to keep doing this?

Why hasn’t anyone noticed what I’ve been consistently doing  ALL-THESE-YEARS?

I’ve been a faithful servant. I’ve stood up against temptation. I’ve paid my dues. Where is my celebration? Where are my friends? Where are my accolades?




often skip over the feelings of the older brother in the parable of the prodigal son. It wasn’t about him. The focus was on the extravagantly wasteful younger son being restored to his rightful place, right?…. The celebration was for what had been found. So why include the feelings or objection of the older brother at all? Why celebrate that which was never lost? Why do we need, “AttaBoy“, for being obedient? Jealousy, envy, rage…pick an emotion that is rooted in pride and that is why “we”, the ones that are righteously walking with God, obeying His commands feel the need to be celebrated.

God KNOWS US. He is Mindful of US.

God foreknew that our emotions could take over and cause us to sin instead of celebrate.

As we become more sensitive in our spirits let’s pray our treasures are stored in Heaven. It’s where our souls desire to be.

The elder son needed to be corrected in his initial feeling and I believe the father gently yet firmly explained why he didn’t need to be celebrated for doing what was right. Patience is a fruit of the spirit and waiting to receive the abundant blessing of eternity is worth waiting for. Don’t you think?



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