Daily Bible Study With Purpose

Daily Bible Study With Purpose


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I am the oldest sister of four, and my other three siblings are 12,11 and 6 years old. If you can stretch your mind to imagine, it can get crazy at the house when we’re all together.
Last week, I decided to visit my family for a couple of days and spend time with my siblings.
One morning, which happened to be Friday, I enjoyed my quiet time with the Lord when my youngest sibling burst into the room, skipping. She eagerly said, “Steph, it’s time to get ready for church! Mom said it’s time to get ready”.
I was very confused by this statement, as we don’t go to church on Friday, but I shrugged it off and let her six-year-old mind enjoy the innocence of life. She exited just as quickly as she came, and life went on. Some time passed, and the sibling next in line, my 11-year-old brother, made a grand entrance as well, wearing a nice button-down shirt and slacks.

Again, I was perplexed.

Why were my siblings acting so strange–or stranger than usual. He exclaimed with urgency, “Steph, you have to hurry. It’s time for church! Mom said that we’re going to be leaving soon!” As confused as I was, I stayed calm, and without hesitation, I quickly reminded him that it was only Friday and that we didn’t have church that day.

At that moment, I saw his face turn from excitement to a smirk when he realized that our mom, unaware of me, had been playing a prank on her children this whole time. He exasperatedly yelled out, “MOM! How could you?” I heard her belt out a good belly laugh from downstairs as she realized her prank had gone as planned. We all enjoyed a good laugh and then proceeded on with our day.
I walked away from this experience with a satisfying chuckle and a more in-depth insight beyond a simple prank. I began to think. That is how a lot of us look like Christians. We hear negative opinions or lies from the enemy, false teaching, false prophecies, or negativity spoken over us, and we automatically take it as truth.
  • Test every spirit.

  • Find truth in scripture.


When my siblings exploded into the room and told me to get ready for church, I didn’t budge. I knew there was no truth to what they said.

I already knew the truth.

Some of us have lived our whole lives based on lies spoken to us at a young age. We have chosen careers, relationships, suffered from depression, attempted suicide, and so much more based on the lies we heard.

Church, it’s time for us to go back to truth. Truth is in the Word of God. That is where we gather our ammunition to fight against the enemy. At my house, I was able to speak the truth, and refute lies by telling my siblings the correct day of the week. I was able to tell them the truth because I knew the truth. In the same way, if we plan to rebuke the lies of the enemy with the truth of God, we must first understand the truth of God.

Two Action Steps:

1) Know the truth of God. Spend time studying scripture. Hide the scripture in your heart, as Psalm 119:11 reminds us to do.

2) Fight against the enemy with that very truth. Let the enemy know that his lies do not amuse you–you already know the truth.


~ Stephanie Bright CEO of Christian Girls P.O.P


This devotional was written by Stephanie Bright a loving contributor to Our Given Purpose®. Edited by Torrie Slaughter in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

© Torrie Slaughter, LLC; Torrie Slaughter Photography, and Our Given Purpose® 





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