Daily Bible Study with Purpose

Daily Bible Study with Purpose

Stay Home A 7 Day Devotional by Casey Alexis

In this devotional, we take a tour of what it means to stay home, using the words of Jesus himself from the Gospel of John 14:1-31, as our guide.


“If you love me, you will obey what I command…” JOHN 14:15 NIV


🔴 Day 6 Love is the Only Way Day

Whew! Now, that verse is a big pill to swallow. One of the most challenging things to do when we are in a season of uncertainty is to trust God’s commands and stay put. It’s easy to follow His directions when He instructs us to do things that we enjoy, things that bring us what we want. But when we are in agony or uncomfortable, we tend to forget His words and begin to look for an instant remedy. Most of us don’t realize that God uses those depressing seasons of our lives to do the most incredible work through us.

Let’s look at the evidence when Jesus healed and set people free. The Bible first tells us of their significant discomfort, grief, demon possession, sickness, and disease. The most extraordinary works came out of those situations. Jesus did His best miracles when faced with significant opposition. Jesus Christ reminds us that greatness forms through resistance, discomfort, and uncertainties.

Have you ever regretted giving love to an undeserving person? 

If you had a past where you may have worn a clown costume a few times like me, then your answer is yes! I can say I gave my love to some fools with complete transparency while on this journey called life. There were times I went out of my way and left home to provide for their needs. If you’ve been there, you know they didn’t warrant our love because of the evidence they revealed in their actions. But God deserves our obedience because we know of the overwhelming proof that demonstrates how much He loves us.

Dear God,

Please forgive me for all those moments I disobeyed your commands because I fell for the lies of this world. I ask that you continue to remind me of all the evidence that proves how much you deserve more than I could ever give. Please continue to provide me with the grace that I need when I fall short to do what you have commanded. In Jesus name, Amen

 ~Casey Alexis

This 7 Day Stay Home devotional was submitted by Casey Alexis, a loving contributor to Our Given Purpose. Edited by Torrie Slaughter the founder of Our Given Purpose® in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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