D. Prest. ON! an Interview with Derek Preston

D. Prest. ON! an Interview with Derek Preston

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Who is Derek Preston:

Derek is from Lynchburg, Virginia. One of his many talents is meeting people from all walks of life and making them feel unique. His artistry, both written and performed, provides his audience a glimpse into his psyche. He has met the acquaintance of several celebrities, including all the members of New Edition. Derek is a humble yet ambitious man of many talents, and his legacy will live. 

The Interview:

We are meeting Derek as a young man who can utter the words “those were the days” and not get smacked. LOL! Derek and I got sidetracked many times during this interview, which is just how we roll. However, to keep the context and focus pointed toward the goal, editing became useful. (You’re welcome)

He shared how he patiently waited to meet Johnny Gill and other stories of celebrity conversations. I have jokingly said Derek Preston is the Kevin Bacon of Virginia and beyond. If anyone plays the game, six degrees of separation, you understand. As we talked, I noticed that there is something more beneath the layers that Derek Preston possesses. His heart. Derek is kind to a fault and has the unique ability to make others feel good about themselves. While his word of purpose is legacy, I must note that ‘animate’ would be another. If you’ve ever seen Derek dance or perform, you have had the pleasure of seeing his spark come alive. 

The Session- ‘Elements of Arrogance and Pride’:

We are proud to air our third interview in season four, focusing on arrogance and pride. In our conversation, Derek shares how arrogance has served him well. 

Journal Prompts🗒

C.larify| O.raganize| P.repare

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Derek shared how he leaves a legacy by showing up in the lives of those who need a paternal figure.
3. How are you developing a legacy?



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