Cut Cut Cut

Cut Cut Cut

Matthew 25:14-30 {The Parable of the 10 Talents}

Most of us have that one movie we will sit and watch even though we know the ending. I have a few, but one of my favorites is John Grisham’s The Rainmaker. I thoroughly enjoy Claire Danes, Matt Damon, and the sweet little grandmother of a woman played by Teresa Wright. This movie is filled with drama; it seeks justice for a family, two women, and pushes a man into his earthly purpose. There is one line that resonated and often comes to mind when I feel I need to change a bad habit. Miss Birdie (Teresa Wright) told Rudy the lawyer (Matt Damon) to “Cut, cut, cut.!!” She wanted her inheritance to go to an already wealthy minister and leave her children…. nothing. Of course, Rudy goes to bat for the children and the other “broken” characters throughout the movie. If you think this story line sounds familiar, you may have gone to Sunday School.

Cut! That one word is like an alarm. It signals action to stop in cinematic, stage, and musical performances. It severs, divides, or marks a need to be rid of a person or possession. God helps us prune away what we do not need to fulfill our purpose. (John 15:1-2) Let’s go to God in prayer and frequently ask what we need to CUT! CUT! CUT! Let’s be mindful of what we hold on to, although it may have begun as a blessing from God, His plan for its intended use can become a curse if we began to idolize it. 

After we have taken stock of what is truly important, how much clutter is left? Not just physical items but, emotional baggage that needs cutting off. What hinders our talents? Are we bogged down by the things we placed on top of the gifts we received? Should we maximize gifts by investing more time in them? Matthew 25:21 We will know we are on the right path when we invest our time wisely; the fruit of our works will be evident from our constant cutting. (Matthew 25:25) Let us not hide what we have because we fear acceptance. Walk boldly with scissors cutting out the chaos in our lives to usher in a fresh Godly perspective and direction. We have been given an opportunity to grow and flourish in this life, spreading the news of Christ’s salvation over us all. 

What are you hiding?



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  1. Jslaughter3

    This is very true. When you have a spiritual “cut” it means that you have something that needs to be fixed in your spirit. I’ve had many “cuts” like these in my life. In order to fix them you need to reflect on what you’ve done that alerted you to your “cut”.

  2. Victoria M Gaither

    I love how you take a scene from a movie and turn it into a lesson to glorify our father! The process of cutting isn’t easy but I think what you are left with on the floor is valuable. A sort of looking at the clutter and saying goodbye to it. Once again, Torrie, you take topics for everyday life and make them easy to digest. Victoria, the newslady

  3. Broderick Slaughter

    This is so true my Queen. There is so much we need to cut out our lives, to find or just use our purpose. God loves us, and will always love us, and He wants nothing but the best for His children. Thank you again for this lesson❤️🙏🏾

  4. My prayer is that God is continually pruning me and shaping me for His purpose. Your lesson helps me to remember to cut out that which prevent me from spending more time with Him. Keep up the good work. Love agape. Mom

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