Committed to Sin

Committed to Sin
  • Bible Reading: Zechariah 7:9-14
  • Focus Scripture- Zechariah 7:11
  • Additional Study Scripture- Proverbs 29:1


Disobedient- Unruly. Undisciplined.

Ungrateful- Selfish. Forgetful

Rebellious-  Disloyal. Difficult.

Incorrigible-  Uncorrectable. Useless. Hardened

Obstinate-  Stubborn. Inflexible

Indifferent-  Unfeeling. Uninterested

Hard-hearted- Disobedient. Ungrateful. Rebellious. Incorrigible, obstinate, indifferent, remorseless.

You disobedient, ungrateful, rebellious, incorrigible, obstinate, indifferent, hard-hearted sinner. Remove yourself from my sight! Emotional eruptions like these are not normally articulated in this manner. Like anything resistance to God’s love, teachings, and commands build over time. We have to look for the warning signs. It may start as ungratefulness to kindness or being resistant to learning and deliberately forgetting all the blessings God gives.

People have a way of getting under our skin and some need to be monitored closer than others before the magma of their selfish rebellion has a chance to surface. If for example, we personify volcano eruptions likening them to mindsets we see a pattern form that could help identify remorselessness. Volcanic activity is classified by how often a volcano erupts. A volcano may be active, intermittent, dormant, or extinct. Active volcanoes erupt constantly. Intermittent volcanoes erupt fairly regularly. Dormant volcanoes are inactive, but not long enough to determine whether they will erupt again or not. Extinct volcanoes have been inactive since the beginning of recorded history.

Depending on what your profession is you may come in contact with people who are not emotionally balanced. We all display some form of imbalance but the difference between those who are completely disobedient and the ones taking precautions; is Christ. He gives us the ability to see the warning signs and prepare accordingly. This allows God to give us rest from our anxious thoughts and focus our attention on Him.


  • Are you willfully disobedient knowing right from wrong and yet…
  • Are you ungrateful because you have built your life around your wealth and know it was all created by you and nothing came from God?
  • Are you rebellious, blaming everyone and God for the circumstances of your emotionally, physically, and spiritual state of mind?
  • Are you incorrigible and not willing to take correction and ignoring God by rejecting His gift of wisdom?
  • Are you obstinate refusing to learn from the kindness of others and instead believing you are entitled to any and everything you receive?
  • Are you indifferent, listening and taking advantage of those willing to help with no intention of reciprocating and failing to respond obediently to God?

There are warnings and things we should be aware of in ourselves and those we have been entrusted with. Take notice of Zechariah’s message to people bent on doing things their way and not following God’s command. Do not devise evil in your hearts against one another. (Zechariah 7:10) The enemy will attack us in the areas we feel the most powerful. Our spiritual gifts are just from God. He enables us to use them to spread His Word. If we are not prepared when we go into a conversation with people who have revealed their character we can not blame God for our reactions. Understanding the reason behind someone’s pain, hurt, angry, and not taking it personally is difficult. It causes us to stop and be mindful of their attitude towards God. We can listen with our ears, hearts, and minds.

Continuous sin is an invitation to disaster. Eventually, we will have to face the consequence of failing to learn from the sins we committed. We do not want God to turn us away because of our hardened heart. Sin is the chain choking our heart, let’s not allow the metal of this world infuse us with its corrosive idols. Ask God to break your chains. Don’t let sin desensitize you. Repent.


Journal Prompts

  1. What mistakes have I made that no longer feel like mistakes?
  2. What sins do I knowingly commit because it makes me feel better in the moment?
  3. In what ways do I feel self-reliant?
  4. Am I indifferent to the grace given to me by God?

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  1. Your words touched me with a deep to the soul penetration. I so struggle with how anyone can take claim to anything and everything – since it all belongs to God. We have created, nor can we create anything. Yes, we can be creative – but only because God has given us His base to work with. It makes me sick when we, as believers especially, claim ownership and selfishly want to keep certain privileges for ourselves and ostracize others by building walls of indifference.
    Keep up the good work daughter. Love agape, Mom

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