Close to His Word, Part 2, The Podcast with Special Guest Linda Shepherd

Close to His Word, Part 2, The Podcast with Special Guest Linda Shepherd
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Close to His Word, part 2, the Podcast with Special Guest Ms. Linda Shepherd, a writer, poet, and proclaimer of God’s Word. Linda is a member of All Nations Community Church and serves throughout the city of Lynchburg ministering to the lost and weak in spirit.

A Conversation With Linda Shepherd on Biblical Transformation, the Podcast with Pastor Nigel Alleyne


Hello, People of Purpose!

We at Our Given Purpose® are committed to providing uplifting and transformative content on these platforms we believe God is in control and submit to His will. We understand that means facing difficulty; however, we have the benefit of having God’s peace reside within our being. As you go throughout your day, please be aware of those who are struggling, perhaps financially, spiritually, or physically. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in your actions. We can be kind and compassionate, as well as cautious. Lean into the Holy Spirit, be still, and know that God is.


The Message:

Close to His Word, The Podcast. 

Psalm 91 read by Ms. Linda Shepherd in English and Spanish. Take some extra time and meditate on the goodness of God and His Holy Word!

Take Action

As you listen to Close to His Word, I pray you will journal and keep your Bible close. As you reflect and meditate find ways you can apply His holy knowledge today! What are you struggling with? This is the time to actively seek the presence of God through His Holy Spirit. Gather with some friends and take turns glorifying God. It will not change the current circumstances but it will change how you see them. 



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