Bible Reading: Genesis 2:15-18ESV & Genesis 3:1-6ESV

Gaslighted!! Catfished!! Oh my! Both these terms essentially mean the same thing.

Gaslight- to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

Catfish- to lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

No one wants to be scammed. No one wants to lose out on a luxury, or have it swapped for something less glorious; however, it happens every day, and more easily since the invention of the internet. We have all been catfished or gaslighted at some point.

The thief is able to hone in on our insecurities, fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. This gives the thief a way into our minds. When we talk about how scared we are or how badly we desire something, eventually we will be met with the opportunity to overcome it or acquire it. The thief may use this tactic in order to coerce us out of our normal routines and onto his playing field. By manipulating us psychologically the thief will take away time. The time God desires us to have in order to fully develop a relationship with Him and to learn about ourselves. The thief will have us rushing to make decisions; not pausing to consult with the Holy Spirit. Genesis 3:6  **Do you want to get married, have a family, become rich…famous? Is your house big enough, your car new enough, does your body need an overhaul? **  These are just a few questions we will begin to ask ourselves constantly, letting go of our original God focus. It’s how we may be manipulated into doing unthinkable and questionable things. The false hope we are given drives our “new” focus making us willing participants in the insane confusion the Thief wants us in.

There was one rule in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:16-17 By obeying this rule everything would be kept in order. The thief sought to destroy this order. (CATFISH—–GASLIGHT)  The serpent disguised himself as a fictitious friend and had Eve question the sanity of God’s one rule and manipulated her desires by giving her false hope. Genesis 3:1-5. The serpent was a master manipulator; unfortunately, we have many “people” here on earth that do just that; they manipulate, befriend, and make us question our sanity. They believe they are working on their own behalf but in truth, they are just underlings fulfilling an evil agenda orchestrated by Satan. Ephesians 6:12

When we take control and give our minds over to God, He will help maneuver us through the schemes we may not be discerning enough to see at first. We are not to let one or even several catastrophic events land us in mental turmoil. By the grace of God we can see the Light and be redeemed…nursed back to mental and spiritual health. Of course, this takes time. When we get to the root of our problems or emotional triggers we can lift up our heads and say “not today Satan, I see your schemes coming and I am prepared!”



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  1. So, this left a flesh wound! Mission accomplished in a good way. Thanks. Satan does come at us at our weakest time – tired, frustrated, and on and on. A reminder for me to take a nutritional break not only for my physical but spiritual needs. Thanks daughter. Love agape

  2. Broderick Slaughter

    The enemy. Always waiting for us to feel weak….having us question our true purpose. We must STAND firm on God’s promise to always love and protect us. As we NEED to reaffirm our heart to trust God’s plan. ❤️🙏🏾Thank you my Queen.

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