Weekly News,Vol 15

Hello Purposeful Family! I give all glory to God most High! I fasted and prayed this week and I learned a valuable lesson. I am not as strong as I think I am. Acknowledging that was my “grow through it.”  It is challenging to balance boldness and humility. However, it can be done. God showed … Read moreWeekly News,Vol 15


Weekly News, Vol. 14

Hello Purposeful Family! Week one of season two is done!!! The new schedule and format have received great reviews and I am grateful and excited! Thank you for your positive feedback, prayers, and support! In case you missed it: Tuesday- What to do Before you Serve, The Podcast Wednesday- Talking on Purpose with Torrie | … Read moreWeekly News, Vol. 14

Weekly News, Vol 13

Hello Purposeful Family! I’m back and it feels fantastic! A very special thank you to you all for continuing to share this content with your circles. Thank you for your prayers, messages, and encouragement. There are two major changes that have been implemented for season two! On the YouTube channel: Our Given Purpose presents ‘Talking … Read moreWeekly News, Vol 13

Weekly News, Vol 12

This Week On Purpose! Wow what an amazing week this has been! Some of you already know that Broderick (Beloved) and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary! God continues to bless us and I am grateful. Thank you all for the cards, phone calls, messages, and prayers.   ~Torrie ***** In Case You Missed It******* … Read moreWeekly News, Vol 12

Weekly News, Vol 11

This Week On Purpose! Welcome to August Purposeful Family! As promised I want to stay connected during this spiritual break. For those who follow Our Given Purpose® on social media you have seen the ‘Phenomenal Woman Photo Series’. What began as a small project is becoming so much more. I am grateful to the amazing … Read moreWeekly News, Vol 11

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