Brokenness Part 2 The Fixer

  Part One-Brokenness Part 1 The Cover-Up Focus Scripture: John 5:6 Jesus, when he saw this one lying there and knew he had been sick a long time already, said to him, “Do you want to become well?” I dropped a vase on the kitchen floor. The pieces went everywhere, mostly in big chunks so … Read moreBrokenness Part 2 The Fixer

Articulatory Movements

Bible Reading- Exodus 16:1-7 Focus Scripture- Exodus 16: 4  Some of the silliest things I recall from childhood serve as meaningful reminders today. Picture it-  a sunny Wednesday afternoon and all the first-grade students come bustling in from the playground. Hungry. Everyone ready to eat the one thing school cafeterias always got right…pizza. (French fries … Read moreArticulatory Movements

It’s Ok, I’ll Wait…

Bible Reading- Exodus 8:1-15 Focus Scripture- Exodus 8:15 What have you been relieved by? Is it some physical pain or mental anguish? Did a temporary pleasure somehow erase what is still there? Did you find solace in inappropriate behavior? What are you saying” I’ll just wait”, too? The Egyptians had to suffer because of Pharaoh’s … Read moreIt’s Ok, I’ll Wait…

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