Influential Friends

Bible Reading: Romans 12:9-21 Additional Verses: Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 27:6 Hello Purposeful People! Thank you for listening to ‘Influential Friends’. Over the last week, I have had several discussions about how to be a good friend and even how to earn one. The important thing to remember is we must regard God as our friend. If … Read moreInfluential Friends

Friends, How Far Would You Go?

  PODCAST NOTES: Bible Reading Genesis 24:1-67 This Podcast is available on Apple iTunes, GooglePlay, & Spotify. Links are on the home page W.O.W -Wisdom Over Woes! What kind of friend are we? Can we follow through on impossible promises? Do we pray every step of the way checking and confirming we are handling … Read moreFriends, How Far Would You Go?

Faith Over Fear

Click the Media Player to Listen to the Entire Podcast. Also Available on iTunes| Soundcloud| GooglePlay| Spotify   Bible Reading Genesis 1:1-5 & Genesis 2:15-17 What is your biggest fear? Is it heights, snakes, spiders? Are you constantly worried you will lose something? Are you always wondering what’s lurking around the corner?  Do you have … Read moreFaith Over Fear

Renewed Mind

Bible Reading: Romans 12:2-8   Lord we thank you for your perfect plans let us be transformed purposeful people with renewed minds living to honor and obey you. Let us have healthy self-esteems balancing our gifts with acts of service, let us encourage one another with brotherly love. Amen.   Thank you for listening to … Read moreRenewed Mind

Why Do You Care?

{Click the above media player to listen to the podcast in its entirety. Also, you may download iTunes, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, or Spotify from it is completely free and once you subscribe you will be notified each time a new broadcast is uploaded} Bible Reading: Luke 10:25-37 Focus Scripture Luke 10:34-35 Additional Scripture Mentioned: Deuteronomy 7:9, … Read moreWhy Do You Care?

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