Ride or Die

‘Ride or Die’ YouTube Video Link (Click to Listen) Bible Reading: Acts 5:1-11 Focus Scripture: Acts 5:2 and he kept back for himself some of the proceeds, and his wife was aware of it. And…Continue readingRide or Die

Truth by way of Rodents

Bible Reading: Luke 12:35-40; Galatians 6:1-5 I have waited in the past but became complacent. I learned I should keep working on the things I know God gifted to me. (Luke 12:37) However, I often give…Continue readingTruth by way of Rodents

Cut Cut Cut

Matthew 25:14-30 {The Parable of the 10 Talents} Most of us have that one movie we will sit and watch even though we know the ending. I have a few, but one of my favorites…Continue readingCut Cut Cut

Indifferent to Persistence

Bible Reading: Luke 18:1-8 Indifference- the lack of interest, concern, or sympathy: apathy. What are we indifferent to? Is it homelessness, hunger, child abuse, drug trafficking, money… perhaps our spiritual or academic lives? Are we…Continue readingIndifferent to Persistence

I Can Make it…Worse?

Bible Reading Exodus 7:1-25 There is a method to cleaning. We usually tackle the areas that are most often used. Disinfect our bathrooms, tidy up living spaces, wash and put away dishes that were “soaking”. The…Continue readingI Can Make it…Worse?