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  Bible Reading: Joshua 7:19-21 Hello Purposeful Family, Thank you all for listening. Please visit for the links to iTunes, GooglePlay, or Spotify. Feel free to tweet, pin, share,  and comment. Tune in on Thursday for part two. ~Torrie       Advertisements Read More about Can You Be Trusted?

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Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 29:14-19 Hello Purposeful Family! Spring is here. Hibernation is over. The comfort foods, inactive lifestyle, and lazy habits will be on display. Let us renew our commitment to God’s Word. By His grace, we are able to come humbly before Him. May we all take the opportunity... Read More about Willful Disobedience

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  Focus Scripture Genesis 2:21-25 Hello Purposeful People!   Today’s podcast made me ponder. This is one of those episodes that begs us to give advice to our younger selves. {Hindsight wisdom} Yes there are things I would love to do over, but at this stage in my life, the only... Read More about Missing Piece