Hiding Inside

Genesis 3:1-22KJV You’ve been invited out to celebrate…casually. It’s at a venue that would not be described as fancy. You don’t bother asking what you should wear because it’s just a friendly get together. So no worries. A feeling of embarrassment sweeps over you once you arrive. It is almost overwhelming. You’re dressed in business casual … Read moreHiding Inside


A Grown Up God

Bible Reading: Luke 2:41-52 KJV There will be people who will not allow you to grow up. In their eyes you will always be the stubborn child, the undesirable black sheep, or the over emotional train wreck in the family. You may encounter those who can not see beyond the youthful mistakes you’ve made not … Read moreA Grown Up God

Do Not Grow Weary

Bible Reading: Luke 15:27-32 How long do I have to keep doing this? Why hasn’t anyone noticed what I’ve been consistently doing  ALL-THESE-YEARS? I’ve been a faithful servant. I’ve stood up against temptation. I’ve paid my dues. Where is my celebration? Where are my friends? Where are my accolades? I I I often skip over … Read moreDo Not Grow Weary

Prospect of Recovery

Bible Reading: Luke 15 Have you ever looked for something only to notice you were holding it in your hand? Or perhaps turned your car upside down looking for eyeglasses only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the rear view mirror and see them resting on top of your head?… I’ve actually looked for … Read moreProspect of Recovery

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