In The Crowd

Bible Reading: Psalms 1:1-6  Words to Reference: Intuition– the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Reasoning: the process of thinking about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgement. What motivates you? What do your actions and words reveal? Whose advice do you follow?… What … Read moreIn The Crowd


Have you ever set aside time to complete something that would free you up later? Perhaps its meal prep, getting ahead with course work, cleaning out a closet, or donating items you find ourselves tripping over. Depending on your occupation and daily routine there are endless options for “creating” free time. Time is an awesome … Read moreTime

Hiding Inside

Genesis 3:1-22KJV You’ve been invited out to celebrate…casually. It’s at a venue that would not be described as fancy. You don’t bother asking what you should wear because it’s just a friendly get together. So no worries. A feeling of embarrassment sweeps over you once you arrive. It is almost overwhelming. You’re dressed in business casual … Read moreHiding Inside

A Grown Up God

Bible Reading: Luke 2:41-52 KJV There will be people who will not allow you to grow up. In their eyes you will always be the stubborn child, the undesirable black sheep, or the over emotional train wreck in the family. You may encounter those who can not see beyond the youthful mistakes you’ve made not … Read moreA Grown Up God

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