Cancelled Reservation?

Cancelled Reservation?

 The Gospel of Luke Devotional                                         

  • Day 14 Luke Chapter 14
  • Bible Reading: Luke 14:1-35
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 14:11 “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

You sold some of your prized possessions to afford tickets to THE event of the decade. You earned enough to buy, fancy attire, hire a luxury car service, and enjoy a lavish meal. You’ve stopped at nothing to make this evening exquisitely memorable. But…the person you expected to share it with suddenly declined your gracious invitation. No amount of pleading or begging is changing their mind.   

Heartbroken, you decide not to waste this night and start calling everyone you know, even co-workers from earlier jobs. To no avail you are left dateless. As you ride to the event alone you spot someone walking down the street and quickly ask the driver to pull over. After explaining in detail the amount of preparation, being dumped, and how amazing this event will be; the stranger agrees to join you. At the end of the night you realized what a complete joy it was to be with someone who accepted you, was not complaining, or judging every detail of the performance. You’ve made a new friend.

Could you imagine being invited by Jesus to enter into eternity but turning down His offer? It sounds like sheer madness but we do this every day. We make excuses saying we are too busy for God. When we finally ‘make time’ for God we feel He is honored when we are praying and asking for His guidance, but our arrogance will leave us without an answer. We feel rejected because we thought God should want to have us close to Him. AND HE DOES. The first thing we must do is humble ourselves by repenting. Our sense of entitlement will have us locked out of eternity if we do not want God.

Luke 14:10 Jesus continues to teach us how to humble ourselves before Him as well as with people. He wants all of us to love each other. We don’t need to take places of honor because we feel we are more important than anyone else, nor should we withhold our presence from celebrations because of excuses. Jesus teaches that like Him we are emotionally balanced. Luke chapter 14 continues to show how the religious leaders behaved and their misunderstanding of the Laws. The rage these leaders felt by having their sin pointed out pushed them to revenge. As believers we sometimes have our sin nature put on display and everyone sees our true character. The Pharisees were so caught up in their ‘logic’ they failed to see the compassion in the Law; they missed love. Luke 14:5-6 When Jesus asked if they would allow their son or an ox, to drown or perhaps die from injury after falling into a well because it was the Sabbath, they could not respond. We prove how unenlightened we are by dismissing feelings, danger, or what is happening. Envy, excuses, and arrogance will have us sitting on the sidelines because we fouled out. 

Luke 14:7-10 and Luke 14:18 Luke 14:24

Jesus warned against the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy in Luke 12:1. Jesus teaches us that if we love Him, love ourselves, we will naturally love others. This love will have us present, not making excuses, or laying blame because of our overly sensitive egos. The chaos and stress of life is something the enemy trains us to constantly think about not God’s goodness and grace. Nothing will be covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be made known. We can cover up how we feel only for so long before our truth will rise. When our emotions are running high or we think we ‘know better’ we can do real damage to our relationship with Christ. Jesus is the calm in our mental, physical, and spiritual storms, let’s trust the Creator with our entire being. 

The Master has prepared a Great Feast for us, will we be there or are we busy coming up with more excuses to sidestep being obedient followers of Christ?


Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you had to humble yourself to repair a relationship?
  2. How do you deny yourself and walk in the light of Christ?
  3. What do others say about your character?


A Few Points:

  1. Luke 14:1-6 Jesus heals on the Sabbath and asks the religious teachers if they would allow their son or their livestock to drown in a well because it was the Sabbath.
  2. Luke 14:7-14 Jesus taught the importance of remaining humble even when choosing a seat. He continued to teach that we should not always do for those that can repay us.
  3. Luke 14:15-24 There is plenty of room in Heaven but the choice is ours. We have all been invited but few of us will actually desire to do what is necessary to receive everlasting life.
  4. Luke 14:18-20 The excuses mentioned in these verses all have one thing in common; God created them. The field needs to be tended to and was created on the third day Genesis 1:10. The yoke of oxen that needed to be checked out was created on the sixth day Genesis 1:25. And finally, the wife that man desired was created for him on the sixth day Genesis 1:26. Our homes, possessions, and families take priority over God, but God made us His priority when He created them.
  5. Luke 14:25-33 Jesus teaches about the cost of being a disciple.




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  1. Joshua23

    Yes I’ve had to humble myself to repair my relationship with people. I need to start denying myself because me wanting to be the center of attention and then not spreading the word of God with that attention isn’t God’s will for me. People say I’m kind and outgoing.

  2. Love this lesson in humility and sad to say the two occasions that I humbled myself and went to the other person until being asked the question if I have ever had to humble myself in order to repair a relationship. Sad to say that both of these people were closely related. I forgive and I’m not at all ashamed to ask for forgiveness because I trust and believe God’s Word. I love deeply and yes I do want others to love me. Maybe I’m just plain lazy when it comes to loving and being joyful or could be some selfishness going on with me as well: I purposely choose love over hate. When giving becomes a heart thing it’s kind of selfish in a way of speaking because it truly is more blessed to give than receive. It’s like giving a gift twice – one to the individual and when you see their joy it’s like giving a gift to yourself. Keep up the good work daughter and keep giving God’s Words to others. Love agape, Mom

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