Brokenness Part 2 The Fixer

Brokenness Part 2 The Fixer


  • Part One-Brokenness Part 1 The Cover-Up
  • Focus Scripture: John 5:6 Jesus, when he saw this one lying there and knew he had been sick a long time already, said to him, “Do you want to become well?”

I dropped a vase on the kitchen floor. The pieces went everywhere, mostly in big chunks so it was fairly easy to pick them up. The smaller fragments, I vacuumed. Spreading the broken glass across a towel I wondered if I should throw them away or attempt to put it back together. As I looked intently at the jagged edges and beautiful colors I decided it was worth a try. Grabbing the crazy glue I set to work. It became therapeutic. I was quickly able to reconstruct the vase. But as I was gluing the last piece into place I stopped. It really wasn’t as pretty as it once was. The cracks had glue oozing out of different spots, the geometric shapes were not lining up as they had before, and then the light bulb went off. (Oh my gosh!)  It was no longer waterproof!! So after all of the gluing and getting my fingers stuck together, I tossed it in the trash.

I am so grateful that our Lord and Savior does not treat us in this manner. I was the one who caused the vase to break, it was my fault, my clumsiness. After repairing it I discovered I could not use it in the same manner as I had. So I deemed it useless. I discarded it. This thinking isn’t far from how we treat each other, especially if we don’t find another use for that person. This causes broken relationships within our families, spouses, children, and friends all because we may not see the beauty in their brokenness. We decide who is worth our time and who is not. We make a choice. But wait…what if we are the broken ones? How do we want others to treat and look at us? If we choose wisely we pray for discernment before tossing anyone or even ourselves aside.

No matter who we are blaming for our circumstances or those who think we are worthless, God sees the worth in us. Looking to God to fix our brokenness rather than other people or things allows us to be used for His glory. We will be able to hold the living water within our spirit because we are being filled through God. The man by the pool looked at the created to get His healing instead of the Creator. God saw through to His heart and healed him. He will mend us as well. Let’s give God our unedited honesty. There is no fear in vulnerable talking to God and letting everything out. God is our Provider and He will lead us to wisdom when we seek Him.

Psalm 9:1 Says I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders. Praise is what is given from within and can become the outward expression of our character. When we become aware of who God we want to inspect our brokenness. Taking the time mend what isn’t working allows God to use it for His purpose. This is how we give Him glory and praise. We let others see His attributes and saving grace as living testimonies of His all mighty power. 


Journal Prompts

  1. What do I  use when I am broken?
  2. Have I  tried Jesus for the healing of my brokenness?
  3. Do I want to become well?

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  1. Thank you and yes I am grateful that God continues to use me even in my brokenness and as I get older. Yes I might take longer to get things done but because of His strength I am able and besides I love giving God the glory. Keep up the good work. Love agape, Mom

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