Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

All of God’s acts are consistent with all of His attributes. No attribute contradicts any other, but all harmonize and blend into each other in the infinite abyss of the Godhead.” A.W. Tozer – The Knowledge of the Holy

After, filling the gas tank I walked inside the convenience store to retrieve my free coffee. With receipt in hand, I was grateful for the free caffeine to keep me alert. While standing in line I overheard the couple in front of me discussing what they would do if they won $99,000,000.00 (the current lottery payout before taxes). The woman stated that over half would go to various charities/organizations, she would divide a percentage equally among family and friends, with the remainder securing their future and growing their company. The gentleman had another approach. While he didn’t mind the idea of giving some of their winnings away, he thought it would be best if the recipients had to work for it. He also wanted to expand their business but use the proceeds to hire more employees. He didn’t see why he should feel obligated to give away anything, especially since he choose the winning numbers. The woman was annoyed and taken aback by his response. She stated that he should want to give freely and not just focus on what was in it for him. The two continued their back and forth. Once they reached the cashier they each purchased their own tickets and left the store. So whose side are you on?

David and his men returned to their hometown of Ziklag. It had been burned down, the women and children abducted. The men cried out in anguish, grieved and heartbroken over what had happened. 1 Samuel 30:4 David goes to Abiathar the priest and asked God for direction. 1 Samuel 30:8 The Lord granted his request and David and his men pursued the Amalekites. Unfortunately, two hundred of the men were unable to continue on and stayed near the brook Besor. The 400 pressed on. The men came across an Egyptian slave who had been left for dead by the Amalekites, they were able to nurse him back to health and gain information as to the whereabouts of the band of tyrants. After battling for over 24 hours David and his men returned victoriously to Besor 1 Samuel 30:17-21.

1 Samuel 30:22 “Then all the wicked and worthless men among those who went with David said, “ Because they did not go with us, we will not give them any of the spoil that we have recovered, except to every man his wife and children, that they may lead them away and depart.” OUCH!!! Not only were these men not sharing they also wanted these men out of their sight. Good Riddance? But God! David explained why they should share and share alike. We all have different duties. What if the 200 had gone? Would they have been an extra burden because they were exhausted? They would not have been able to keep up and perhaps proved to be more of a distraction. When our bodies give out we hope that if we succumb to rest that it is not dealt with harshly. How difficult it must have been for these men to make the decision to stay behind. It’s hard enough to take care of yourself when you’re ill or exhausted but have you ever tried to care for others in that state? God uses David to point out a phenomenal lesson for these men and for us now, we are to share. The men who stayed behind took care of themselves and the supplies. It takes several people to run an organization and David tells us this. Those who are on the front lines should not forget who is backing them up.

We are in this together as believers in Christ and we are called to give. How awesome is our God that He will allow us to take ownership of what we did not create, with the strength we were given, and wisdom He created to share His creation. Hmmm, when we look at it that way what right do we have not to give?…


Journal Prompts:

  1. Do I look beyond my feelings and consider the big picture?
  2. Do I use my talents to promote peace and unity?
  3. What is my responsibility to my loved ones and neighbors?

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