Are You Living Your HASHTAGS? A Podcast Session

Are You Living Your HASHTAGS? A Podcast Session

👋 Hey Purpose Talkers,

This week we continue acknowledging our individual quirks. What makes us say and do the things we do. Is it peer pressure or not knowing better?  If you haven’t heard Is Ignorance Bliss Identify Your Unawareness please queue it up next! 

Three Points to Implement:

  • A prayer journal! I continue to encourage you to write your thoughts and use a Bible concordance to discover Biblical examples and solutions.  
  • Prayer changes you before it changes anyone else. 
  • The Holy Spirit is our Counselor

In this Mentoring Session

Journal and Self-examination Prompts to Clarify, Organize, and Prepare

If the trending hashtags were lived out our world would be a different place. Think about ways to increase your authenticity with truth. Be #transparent #kind and #loving more often and watch your mind shift in a healthy way.

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Connect with us and keep doing your work!    

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Thank you for walking this journey with me. I will continue to pray for your businesses, families, and ministries. To God alone be the glory!

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