Bible Reading – Luke 17:11-19

No good deed goes unpunished… Ugh, they are so ungrateful….. He never appreciates anything I do….. She never says thank you…There are some people who no matter how much you do for them it’s never enough… This is what I get for doing something nice…. 

Have you ever spoken those words? I certainly have. There were times when I didn’t think I had been adequately thanked. After all, I had given my time, energy, money, and/or expertise to that ungrateful so and so. And then the Holy Spirit stepped in and reminded me that my life is NOT my own. Romans 8:1-11. I needed to remember where my help comes from and that if I truly desired to live for the Lord, having His spirit dwell in me, my focus needed to shift. God sees what I’m doing! He is who I ultimately want to please; not the person or people being rewarded. By being obedient to my Father in Heaven and doing what He leads me to, is gratifying. I can not be taken advantage of; even if I were the burden of guilt would not rest in my soul.

When Jesus encountered the ten lepers and they asked to be healed; He healed them. If we look into how lepers were cleansed in that day the treatment reads like torture. The disease alienated you from your family, your skin had to be scrapped repeatedly, and a series of rituals would ensue. Leviticus 14:1-32 Jesus took that burden away from them by speaking a command rebuking the disease. WOW! God is amazing. He took what could have been an excruciating time and turned it into a blessing. But only one returned to say thank you.

We get so busy with our ‘business as usual’ attitudes that we will move right along as if nothing happened. But it did!! We were rescued! We were given the opportunity to bypass a lengthy ordeal or have someone stand in, bearing our burden of responsibility. Just like the lepers, we don’t always have control over what happens to our bodies or in our lives. Jesus rebuked their disease and they were healed immediately. When we pay attention to our needs are met immediately as well. God sends someone to be there when we need them most. 

When we feel pulled into another direction be careful; the enemy will show up and seek to destroy good intentions. There will be times when we do things for selfish reasons. By “helping” are we procrastinating, avoiding other priorities, or seeking recognition? Don’t do it! Be a responsible disciple!!! It is what we are called to do. If God gave instructions pray for discernment before veering off from His plan. Then we can make sure that God gets the praise He deserves and the person given a hand will see God’s miraculous work.

Looking at the big picture how long would it take to give praise and thanks to our Father in Heaven and also to the person He used to help us? Don’t forget to go back, we may have a blessing waiting for our souls as well. Luke 17:19 



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  1. Jslaughter3

    Very true the things they had to go through to be healed was extremely hard and there wasn’t a guarantee they would be healed. Imagine the state of mind they would be in if they went through this and then not be healed!

  2. Broderick Slaughter

    What a true blessing you are. God is so merciful to us, all He asksis for us to trust and Love Him.
    Thank you God!
    Thank you my Queen.

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