Valuable Resource!

Valuable Resource!

🎉Exciting Announcement!!!!!

The founder of Our Given Purpose® just launched her first online course on Torrie Slaughter is taking the next faith step with her ministry by offering a resource designed for pastors, worship leaders, ministers, and people of faith. Torrie answers the call to help other servant leaders bring out the best within the body of Christ. 

🌐Communication has shifted and the Blueprint Initiative 1.0 helps close the gap. Let’s create synergy and unite the body of Christ through a language of love, respect, and faith.

⤲Limited Time OFFER!

Enroll NOW through MAY 23,2022 For FREE!!!

🎉What you’ll learn:
Develop or re-establish a God-centered focus to amplify the Gospel with Jesus as the central guide.

Build the foundation on God’s plan for the church and write your MVP statements.

Answer the question: What Need Does Your Church Meet?

Become more goal-oriented- serving with love and authority, and setting up procedures to handle disputes.

Start Building Your Ministry Team – The Blueprint Initiative 1.0 is a 6 day online course for pastors, ministry leaders, Bible teachers, and people of faith!



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