Anger Makes Me Sick-ER, The Podcast

Anger Makes Me Sick-ER, The Podcast
Hello, People of Purpose!

◊In today’s episode, we turn the conversation inward to focus on the root of anger. Asking ourselves the question: how did we get here? Learning the origin is at the heart of this exploratory self-examination.
Let’s make positve changes! Our Given Purpose® , the ministry is intensifying the efforts to help you walk in your purpose. By taking control of anger, arrogance, pride, and fear; the four prevailing emotions that keep us chained to chaos.

Making Progress

We are in week five of anger, of placing it at the forefront of our minds. Our anger, in large part, is on trial, and by the end of this session, all the uncertainty, doubt, and trauma will prayerfully be neatly packaged in a way to make a decision, a choice of how we will deal with and recover from the person we call anger.

The Bridge

On Tuesday’s podcast, we focused on Psalm 38, a penitential Psalm known to express sorrow for sins or faults. We discussed why the psalmist was expressing such anguish and grief. It is believed Psalm 38 was written by, written to, or written for King David to communicate his distress over an abandoned purpose. The consequences of his sins were multiplied as he sought to cover them up.

The Threat

Anything that threatened my freedom, my independence, my worldly ideals caused bitter, sabatorial, anger, further harming my relationship with God. I was blind to that Biblical truth. Our focus scripture for Anger Makes Me Sicker is Psalm 40:12 “For evils without number surround me;
my sins have overtaken me so that I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head, and my heart has failed within me.”


Scriptures in this episode:

James 1:21, Psalm 40:12,Proverbs 10:12,Galatians 5:19-21,2 Samuel 13:2, Psalm 37:8

Journal Prompt:

What makes me sicker the actual illness or my belief about it?


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