And The Winner Is!

And The Winner Is!

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Bible Passages: 1 Chronicles 22:6-10; Genesis 6:9-22; Exodus 26:1-5; 1Kings 7:13-22

Hello Purposeful Family,

  Building from a place of hostility is hard. We can have opposition from outside forces such as our parents, friends, or coworkers. David waited, but while he waited he gathered. He set Solomon up for success by securing funding and materials to build the Lord’s temple. King David wasn’t concerned with getting the credit. His motives were that of praise and honor of God. 

In today’s podcast I share a story that any one of us may be able to apply. We keep passing up on something simply because we don’t believe it is ours to have. As you listen think about what you may not have simple because of your attitude towards it.



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