Above You but Under God

Above You but Under God

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 9 Luke Chapter 9
  • Bible Reading Luke 9:1-62
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 9:46-48, Matthew 18:1-6  Additional Reading: Mark 9:33-37, Matthew 20:20-28


You’ve been preparing all year. The first annual church bazaar is right around the corner. Not only will your prestigious congregation be raising money for a worthy cause, you are the organizer and committee head of this event. Families from all over the U.S. will be in attendance; as well as congressmen, city leaders, radio and news outlets. This is a huge deal and a tremendous undertaking!!! You deserve recognition as a pioneer and humanitarian. You’ve earned all the applause and praise you are about to receive from your brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though it’s a surprise, you know the Mayor is presenting you with an award! Not to mention the gift cards, and newly created parking space next to the pastor’s wife. (Luke 9:23) You are ecstatic! The only thing left to do is secure seating at the head table for your two children. After all, they helped and deserve a glimmer of the spotlight. 

The night of the event everything is running according to plan. Not one thing is out of place…except the catering company is short-staffed and everyone is juggling multiple duties. You become the extra pair of hands. Instead of sitting at the head table with your family, Evangelical leaders, and dignitaries being adored by the crowd, you are elbow deep in the sink washing dishes, prepping more vegetables, and of all things unplugging the toilet. Your sin nature is on display for everyone to witness because you are fed up! Everything these people are experiencing is your handy work. Not one detail was left untouched by your hand, even down to the font on the program. And the last straw?… neither of your children is accepting the award on your behalf; it’s your co-chair the one the Pastor placed with you at the last minute to “ease” your workload. 

Luke 9:25 Insecurity in Christ breeds arguments, dissension, jealousy, and envy. It brings out the competitive sin nature; being “seen” as better than everyone else. The loads we carry, the amount of effort we put into our projects, and the way we live our lives should all come from a place of love. When we want better we should encourage everyone around us to do so. Not seen as the motivator but as disciples of Christ. John 13:14-15 Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He left the example of how we are to treat each other no matter our perceived status. Who is the greatest among us?…No one if we are all clamoring to lord over one another. (Matthew 20:25) 


Luke 9:48 The argument between the disciples appears not to have ended with Jesus’ teaching about humility. Matthew 20:20-24 and Mark 10:35-41 tells us that Salome the mother of James and John went to Jesus to request her sons be placed at His right and left hand in His Kingdom. (Matthew 20:20) Our motivation for asking or suggesting how someone should live, appoint, or direct as Christ followers need to be motivated by the Holy Spirit. Salome’s request caused further tension among the disciples. Matthew 20:24

I believe we may see ourselves in these accounts. Salome wanted the best for her children and was looking towards their earthly future. James and John wanted to be seen as the greatest among the disciples. Jesus the Son of God was about to die for our sins and wanted the disciples to humble themselves like children and to accept, nurture, teach, and shepherd His flock. We are reading about Christ followers that did not have a clear understanding of what Jesus was doing. Luke 9:45 Jesus the Son of God continued to gently teach, up to His last breath. How much more compassion and understanding do you think He has for us?


Discussion Questions:

  1. Who are you in competition with?
  2. Do you have a place to study God’s Word away from distractions?
  3. Have you identified ways you have grown in Christ?


A Few Points:

  1. Luke 9:1-6 Jesus is both spiritual and physical. He sent out His disciples with specific instructions. Allowing others a way to provide for the disciples gave them a sense of ownership (being part of a greater whole). We often feel united when we can help no matter how small the task.
  2. Luke 9:7-9 Herod is perplexed by all the things he is hearing about Jesus. Rumors are swirling about John the Forerunner of Christ being alive. Herod had him beheaded…what could be happening?
  3. Luke 9:10-17 Jesus takes a merger lunch of 5 fish and 2 loaves and fed over 5,000. The disciples thought this to be an impossible task, one that would require more money and provisions than they were able to obtain.
  4. Luke 9:18-20 Jesus asks the disciples who do they think He is. Peter immediately confesses Jesus is the Christ. Matthew 16:17-18 Jesus told Peter the Holy Spirit spoke this to him for he could not have understood that in his flesh.
  5. Luke 9:21-27 Jesus predict His death for the first time. He instructs us to pick up our crosses daily and follow after Him. We are to imitate the life He led. We can not do that if we do not learn what He did. We are to be unashamed of Jesus and His Words.
  6. Luke 9:28-36 The Transfiguration.
  7. Luke 9:37-43 Prayer is used to heal a demon-possessed child.
  8. Luke 9:44-45 Jesus predicts His death a second time.
  9. Luke 9:46-49 The disciples argue over who is the greatest.
  10. Luke 9:51-62 Jesus prepares the disciples and us to follow Him. He teaches as He goes to Jerusalem.


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  1. Jslaughter23

    I’m constant competition with myself. To make sure I am better than the day before. Yes I have a place free of distractions where I can study the word of God. Yes I’ve grown by having faith in Christ and believeing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

  2. This puts a new perspective on being a servant leader – my title of choice when elected or selected to a duty. My main competitor is me. My goal is to always do everything with a spirit of excellence as if I’m doing it for God! Thus, I was taught and have taught – if you are not going to do it right and do it to the best of your ability – stop don’t do it at all. Attitude not aptitude will determine your altitude. Keep a PMA daughter. Love agape Mom

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