About me

Hello my name is Torrie Slaughter, a Jesus follower, wife, mother, theology student, and amateur photographer/decorator. My journey to a deeper relationship with God began about 5 years ago. Being raised in a Baptist Church and baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at the age of 12 sent my life spiraling. Thanks be to God and the prayer warriors in my life I never lost complete control. As I entered adulthood I had some very low points and considered suicide on a few occasions, God was always there even when I didn’t know it. I have sinned and committed atrocious acts that would make anyone question why I believe I am worthy enough to write about a salvation and God purpose that I am just becoming aware of. The answer is GRACE. God granted me grace and by His mercy I am here to tell my story and hopefully allow others the opportunity to tell theirs. This is a blog about how to use our talents for God’s purpose.


Meet the Slaughter Family Caleb, Broderick, Torrie, & Joshua
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