“What is Our Given Purpose?”

I’m Torrie and found my purpose through God’s Word; I hope to share my stories, failures, and successes with you. Life here isn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be. This website began as a way of testifying to God’s abundant grace, mercy, and love through Christ and it has grown into the hub it is now. Faith articles, Bible Study, Devotionals, YouTube, Podcasts, Photography, and Apparel are offered!
As a Bible student, I have been stretched me in ways I didn’t think possible. I’m not a teacher, just a praying woman, wife, and mother. Our family of four live in the heart of Virginia where Christian views are freely expressed. We have the freedom to ask others…who is God to you? Whether you are new in the faith of Christ or a seasoned Believer there is always something new to learn about how we see God and how to love each other.


Meet the Slaughter Family Caleb, Broderick, Torrie, & Joshua