A Savior is Born

A Savior is Born


Merry Christmas People of Purpose!!!


Thank you for tuning in on this Monday, December 24, 2018. This podcast is available on iTunes|Soundcloud|GooglePlay|Spotify and at http://www.ourgivenpurpose.com. Links to subscribe can also be found at http://www.ourgivenpurpose.com so you will be notified each time I upload on Mondays and Wednesdays. Welcome to this space!

Today’s Podcast is a reading from the King James Bible, Luke Chapter 2:1-20.

Thank you for listening and I pray you all to have a safe and joyous Christmas. Christ is the reason for this and every season. Just as we celebrate the birth of our salvation and a new covenant with God we can enjoy a relationship with God because of Christ. 


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  1. The very best Christmas Story and certainly the best gift we can ever hope to receive because His gift secures our future! Joy to the World! Love agape, Mom

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