A Mountain of Change

A Mountain of Change
Shared vein, common goal.

With each passing drop, the pressure is applied…..we see and feel it. Another bill to pay, crying toddlers screaming for attention, crying teenagers just being overly emotional about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, another traffic jam, or my personal favorite spilling hot coffee on yourself (because who doesn’t love when that happens?). Whether it’s a choice to start something new, move in a different direction, or forge ahead without knowing anything for certain; that decision will inevitably weigh on our hearts and minds. Only when we trust God completely can we allow the individual pressures to pool together and fall away. We take a few deep breaths, pray our sincere thanks in advance for holding our tempers in check, not overreact, and continue on with our lives.

Unless we stop the cycle making a change and holding our subconscious accountable.

What if we lived on purpose through our talent? What if we worked with God and His goals became ours? Nature gives us great examples of how animals and even plants unite in pursuit of a shared objective. The leaves in this picture (see top) share a common vein. When the leaves work together to push the weight down their shared lifeline the burden rolls away. God is our common vein. He is the creator of all we see and know. Through Him we can maintain balance and steer the pressure of our mounting worries to Him. We will still feel this weight but we don’t have to endure it alone. Our actions dictate where the bulk of the load lands. The question is: are we aware enough to see it?….

Read: Mark 4:10-20

Jesus was addressing His disciples explaining the purpose of teaching in parables. God revealed a little more to me as I studied this. The seeds we sow fall either along a path and take no root or fall into good soil and flourish. We are what we plant. If we are constantly worried, not caring for ourselves, idol worshiping, we are planting burdens!!! WE are planting burdens!! Don’t miss this!!! IF we are intentional and focus on our purpose and God’s command of love we will know how to act and react in any situation. It’s time to weed out our garden and fine tune our attitudes. Our perspective, if we look through God’s eyes, will shift and the impossible now possible with God.




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  1. Broderick Slaughter

    I love this baby.
    Praying for your continued journey with a God. I love you

    • Thank you for your support. I pray this will bring us all closer to God and the purpose He has for us.

  2. Joshua Slaughter

    When we start to change we should always put God first and make sure our purpose is the purpose that God wants us to have.

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