A Demon Passing Through

A Demon Passing Through

The Gospel of Luke Devotional

  • Day 22 Chapter 22
  • Bible Reading Luke 22:1-71
  • Focus Scripture: Luke 22:6 So he consented, and began seeking a good opportunity to betray Him to them apart from the crowd.

Betrayal. Opportunity. Confusion. Chaos. Entrapment. Liars. Thieves. Being lied to hurts. It hurts more when we know its coming. When we have loved someone with all our heart, given to them whatever they asked, yet it wasn’t enough. We weren’t enough in that particular season of their lives. Being betrayed is not something one can get over easily. We hang on to the bitter memories if we still have to interact with them. With God, we can move beyond our hurts and to forgiveness.

Believers in Christ acknowledge a spiritual realm. We can not see spirits but we can see their works. This is one reason we must forgive. At any given time an evil spirit may influence the outcome of an event. It could be a celebration, a new job, an opportunity to serve, or the dawn of a new day. Fighting with these evil entities is not something we can do on our own. Christ left us with the Holy Spirit to battle these evil forces. We have learned that Christ cast out demons. We do not know how many demons may dwell within any one person. What we can do is be ready to face them. Praying, reading God’s Word for clarity and understanding is how we arm ourselves.

John 12:6 and John 6:70 Jesus knew who Judas Iscariot was when he chose him. Judas Iscariot was given opportunities to change his heart but his greedy character made him a target. Luke 11:24-26 Judas Iscariot was home to an unclean spirit. It may have left him for a time but circled back bringing more demons with it. He went through his time of being a disciple unfulfilled. His heart never saw what Christ was offering. Judas Iscariot rejected Christ which led to his betrayal. Christ offered salvation to Judas Iscariot, he didn’t want it because it did not come in the form he thought it should have. Luke 22:3 Satan entered Judas Iscariot and used him as his vessel. John 13:27 Tells us that during the last supper Jesus told Satan to do his deeds quickly. Christ reveals that He sees all; in the spiritual realm and in the physical realm; He was God in human form. Not only was Judas Iscariot going to betray Jesus he continued to take from Him as though nothing was out of the ordinary. We have people like this today. They live with us, we work with them, they seem Holy and live upright. These unfortunate souls do not believe in Christ and what His death on the cross means for us now. They lead oppressed lives because fear shackles them. Their joy is found in material objects and they always want to acquire newer, better, and more. They look for ways to shame Christians by holding on to our past sins and praying against us. But just as Jesus teaches us do not allow the enemy to take over. Christ followers are vulnerable to the attacks of Satan as well. Luke 22:31-32. With God we are stronger; we can call on His strength to help us through. Brothers and Sisters in Christ keep walking with our Lord and Savior. Be of good courage. ~Torrie

Discussion Questions (Life Application Study Bible NASB study questions. pg 1711)

  1. Are we true disciples and followers of Christ, or uncommitted pretenders?
  2. Will, we accept Jesus’ free gift, or, like Judas, betray Him?
  3. Why would we want to betray Jesus?

A Few Points

  1. Luke 22:1-6 The Passover feast is being prepared and people from all over have journeyed to Jerusalem to celebrate and also see Jesus who has spread in fame. The chief priests and scribes are conspiring to kill Jesus and not do it publicly. Judas Iscariot offers a solution and receives a payment for his deed.
  2. Luke 22:7-13 Jesus sends Peter and John to prepare the Last Supper. He instructs them on what to say and gives an answer to a question He knew would be asked. 
  3. Luke 22:14-30 Jesus reveals that He knew all of His disciples would betray and leave Him in His hour of need. John 13:27 Also reveals that He watched Satan enter into Judas Iscariot telling us He had the power to see both the physical and the spiritual realm at the same time. The disciples had not settled the argument: who was the greatest among them. They did not understand how gravely important the future was.
  4. Luke 22:31-38 Simon Peter denies that He would deny Jesus…ever. Jesus told Peter to be prepared because Satan would attack him. He reassured that Peter would be restored after this testing even though he would fail to stand up for Jesus.
  5. Luke 22:39-46 Jesus prays in agony in the Garden in Mount Olivet. The disciples were to keep watch but continually fell asleep.
  6. Luke 22:47-53 Jesus is betrayed and arrested.
  7. Luke 22:54-65 Peter denies Jesus 3 times.
  8. Luke 22:66-71 Jesus is the Son of God.

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  1. Joshua23

    I am a true disciple of God. I have accepted Jesus’ gift. I have no idea why one would betray Jesus considering that he isn’t in human form on this earth right now.

  2. Excellent! Forgiveness is so important to living a good and wholesome life. It takes too much energy to hold on to betrayals and grudges and truly not worth the effort. My daily prayer is that I love more and forgive most because of that which Jesus continually does for me. Imagine if the greed was to supply the need of mankind and the only bias was a basis to love, care, and share with each other. Blessings daughter. Love agape, Mom

  3. Fitnessbyslaughter

    Amen my Queen. I choose to be happy, I choose not to be a slave to evil thoughts and strongholds. God is my Redeemer, and He will make a way either way. I will not question His grace. Thank you for the words. I love you.

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