A Daily Purpose Day 99

A Daily Purpose Day 99

The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Deuteronomy 33:1-29, Luke 13:1-21, Psalm 78:65-72, Proverbs 12:25

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A Good Word From God Will Make the Heart Glad

Contributing Writer: Robin Lambert


Anxiety can creep in at any time. You live in a world that attacks you daily with events and situations that cause worry and panic to rise. Anxiety, if left unaddressed, can slowly rise to a level of non-stop panic and fear. While you may do a good job at hiding and masking it, the anxious feelings will destroy you from the inside out. From the inability to focus on tasks to panic attacks, Satan will use anxiety to stop you from living the full life God has for you. 

You will become weighed down with uncertainty spilling over into your reality, turning you into an anxiety-riddled, worry-filled, frustrated person. 


When anxiety overwhelms you, find that friend who understands you, believes in you, will pray for you and can give you that encouraging word. Choose a friend who will lead you to thankful praying over wallowing in anxiety and worry. Pick a friend whose life demonstrates an unwavering trust in God with prayers that are shrouded in gratitude expressing a firm faith, a friend who focuses on Him instead of being absorbed by circumstances surrounding her.


If you don’t have that friend, then counsel your own soul.


Hold Christ’s hand and trust. Trust in God’s timing. Remind yourself that He is able to override and overcome even the most difficult issues. Breathe deeply with the knowledge that His purposes have been specifically determined with you and His larger design in mind. Meditate on His Word. Find the deepest fulfillment of your heart in Christ alone. Then watch as fearful anxious thoughts will melt away in the Light of His Presence. God has worked out what you’re worried about. The enemy wants your panic, God wants your praise. Remember, a good word from God will make the heart glad. 

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Robin is a California native and a SW Virginia resident who is a wife, mother, grandmother, Young Living Essential Oils representative and founder of Emotionally Messy Friends. The Church is full of women who desire a deeper walk with Christ. Their lives may be a mess, but God doesn’t want to keep them that way!


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