A Daily Purpose Day 97

A Daily Purpose Day 97
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The Value of Life

Written By Reason A. Chandler

The value of life for many depends on things accumulated over time. So much so that it is wired into how we determine our worth. Some, place their value in other things such as heavenly possessions. The Bible communicates to us the importance of place and time.

The man in the story has placed his value in his food supply and is content with what he has accomplished, and is now ready to rest and relax because he has more than enough food to last him a long time.

The value of his food supply is so great that he decides to build a new building to store the food. 

By all accounts, except one, he should be pleased with what he has accomplished, and it is a good time to take a break. The one thing he didn’t account for was time and place. He did not know his time was close to running out, and his value should have been placed in heavenly things.
Had the man taken the surplus of food and given it to the poor, he would now have treasure stored up in heaven. It is important for us to understand when we put our value in the wrong place and then run out of time, we miss a huge opportunity to please God.

Our blessing should be used for the kingdom of God and not for our comfort or stored treasure on earth. 

When the day comes and we must stand before God, which is the same as “his soul was required of him that night”, we must give an account for all we have done good and bad. Be sure to have your values in the right place, because no man knows the place or the time when our souls will be required of us.


Reason A. Chandler, SR is a pastor serving within the United Methodist Virginia Conference. As the senior Pastor of Jackson Street United Methodist Church (JSUMC) in Lynchburg, Virginia, he has inspired the community to push beyond the limits. The last seven years at JSUMC laid the foundation to move worship into a digital space. The pandemic provided an opportunity to grow and expand the ministry virtually, with Sunday service available on YouTube. Connect with Reason via Facebook


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