A Daily Purpose Day 89

A Daily Purpose Day 89
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Praise God Always

written by Torrie Slaughter


  • Lament a lament or lamentation is a passionate expression of grief, often in music, poetry, or song form. The suffering is most often born of regret or mourning.
  • Praise a form of social interaction, expresses recognition, reassurance, or admiration. Praise is expressed verbally as well as by body language.
  • Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, one can define faith as “belief in a god or the doctrines or teachings of religion.

There are situations that can be overwhelming to think about. Even when you’ve followed God’s teachings, there may be a roadblock that prevents progress. This could be due to a disagreement or personal preference among those involved, but it forces you to make a decision.

Will you continue to trust God and praise Him while He works everything out?

My prayer is that you will always have the praise of God on your lips and in your heart. We cannot elevate humanity because we are flawed and unreliable. In Psalm 71, the author cries out to God not to forget him. I encourage you to read Psalm 71:1-24 and cry out to God in the areas where you are suffering. Praise God for His faithfulness and for always being your Rock.



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Torrie is a media ministry consultant who works with churches and faith driven organizations to build their ministry team. She is the Blueprint Specialist uncovering root problems to construct solutions. Want to hear more? Tune in and listen to A Daily Purpose Bible Study & Devotional a podcast by Our Given Purpose  and on Fridays to Talking on Purpose with Torrie the Podcast.  Torrie also hosts a YouTube channel of the same name. 

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  1. Having a relationship with God is the best relationship and next to that is having a relationship with each other. I’m so grateful. Praying is powerful. Thank you Lord Jesus. Grateful
    Love agape,

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