A Daily Purpose (Day 82)

A Daily Purpose (Day 82)
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The Joys of Answered Prayers

Contributing Writer: Sheila Arrington


Do you find joy in communicating with God and hearing Him answer your prayers?

The Bible is full of stories about answered prayer. The prayer for a son in the Old Testament. The prayers of Jesus’ disciples. Paul’s pleas to God exemplify how God listens to our prayers.


Even though we often don’t see immediate results from our prayers, we can know that they will be answered by trusting in God’s faithfulness. For God always answers prayers according to His will and purpose for our lives.

Let us come to God with repented hearts, clean hands, and praise in our mouths.

God’s word tells us to come with thanksgiving, praise, and supplication. And when we pray, He often blesses us with extraordinary gifts – including His comfort, peace, and guidance. So, the next time you find yourself struggling to pray, remember that there is great joy in being obedient to our heavenly Father.

And who knows…your prayers might even begin to change the course of your life. For God surely listens, and He will hear your prayer. Verse 16 says; Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. When he answers your prayers, share them with others to encourage and enlighten, we serve a prayer-answering God!


Prayer: Father God, help us be transparent in our prayer life; when we need to confess sin. Let us do so when we need to repent and completely turn around. Let us see the joys of prayer and communing with you. Amen.


 Connect with Sheila Arrington www.sheilaarringtonministries.com

Sheila is a licensed and ordained minister, known as an ardent prayer warrior and teacher of the Word. She is a sought-out speaker; women love her relatable transparency and energetic approach to sharing the Word and empowering women to live their God-given purpose. 

A national speaker and founder of multiple Christian Conferences such as the “Purposely Designed Conference,” “Yes, Mom, We Will Celebrate You,” and Spirit, Soul, and Body Expo.


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