A Daily Purpose (Day 76)

A Daily Purpose (Day 76)
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The Misunderstood Path

Contributing Writer: Lindsey Capron


As I became serious about my relationship with Christ, I quickly realized that I would be walking along a path that would often be misunderstood by friends and family, especially my parents. I love and honor my parents. They go above and beyond to ensure that I’m getting the very best out of life.

My parents raised me to have common sense, use logic, and always do the right thing. They’ve forged a path for me should I decide to take it. However, as a child to my earthly parents and a child of God, I realize that there’s a chasm. Between following the voice and path of my parents and following the voice and direction of God. It’s a difficult place to be in and can often be confusing and lonely. But I thank God that the Bible doesn’t shy away from the hard and awkward topics such as this one. 

Luke 2:42

When Jesus was twelve years old, he found Himself in the same place as I did—striking the balance of doing what His parents say but ultimately what God says. Though He was the Son of God, He was still the son of Mary and Joseph. However, He had an assignment bigger than being an earthly son or carpenter.

At the temple in Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover, Jesus was sitting amid the teachers after being left behind for a day’s journey. Though He should’ve been with His parents when they left, scripture says that Jesus lingered behind in Jerusalem (Luke 2:43). I would’ve imagined that He was so drawn to grow His understanding of God even if that meant separating from His parents. 

When His parents finally found Him back at the temple in Jerusalem, Mary expressed how worried she was about her son and asked why Jesus did this to them. Jesus gave them His answer:

“And He said to them, ‘Why do you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” But they [Jesus’ parents] did not understand the statement of which He spoke to them.


In no way was Jesus trying to be disrespectful to His parents’, but He wanted to let His parents know that God is calling Him to an assignment that they’re not going to understand until later. 

As we grow deeper in our relationship with God, God will often call and assign us to walk a path with Him that’s foreign and at times lonely even if it doesn’t make sense to others or you don’t have a direct example of how to walk it. 

My Journey

I found myself walking along a misunderstood path in 2017 when I had to explain to my parents that God had already chosen my husband. It was challenging to put into words how I was instructed with God’s peace and blessing to get married to a man that lived 3000 miles away from me. And only meeting him face to face four times in less than a year. After getting married, I would leave behind everything I’ve ever known to reside where he lived. 

Though I love, respect, and honor my parents, this was my Heavenly Father’s business for me, and it was necessary. God’s plans and business for my life were much more grand and bigger than what my parents and I collectively could formulate. The path of me being about my Heavenly Father’s business was one of loneliness, confusion, and misunderstanding. But the outcome was life-saving and life-giving. 

Love your family and friends but always be about your Heavenly Father’s business. There are lovely and beautiful plans in store that give life to you and others that will ultimately fulfill God’s purpose in your life. 

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Lindsey Capron is an international speaker, bible teacher, and writer. She is also a web and brand consultant serving Kingdom builders and entrepreneurs for over 5 years. Lindsey has been featured in both national and international magazines for her service such as VoyageMIA, Shout Out Miami, and Beauty and the Gospel. Lindsey is a wife and resides in tropical South Florida with her husband.


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