A Daily Purpose (Day 75)

A Daily Purpose (Day 75)
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Obedient Belief

Contributing Writer: Tiffiany Langston


Are you living out what you believe? When you examine your latest moves or the decisions you’ve made, have they been obedient to God’s calling for your life? Are your choices grounded in knowing God intimately, trusting Him wholeheartedly?


To “talk the talk” is much simpler than “walking the walk,” am I right?! 

It can quickly become something we do without a second thought if we aren’t careful to examine our lives. 

Privilege and responsibility go hand in hand. It is a privilege to enjoy our inheritance ‘in Christ.’ That also carries a responsibility to obedience. Joseph and Mary had the privilege of being Jesus’ father and mother – They were obedient by doing what was required by Law. The shepherds had the miracle of having an angel of the Lord appear to them, with Good news for all people – They were obedient by taking action on the information they received.


Simeon was privileged to have the Holy Spirit upon him and was obedient by taking Jesus in his arms and praising God. Anna had the great privilege of never leaving the temple but worshiping night and day. She was obedient and thanked God. Speaking about Jesus to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Israel.

When we move in obedient belief, we will experience God. We may even be so enthralled in who God is that while others are amazed at what is said or done, we respond as Mary did and treasure the evidence—pondering in our hearts forever. Obedient belief will span through every sphere of our lives, right down to what the Law requires of the Lord. To say we believe it is only talking unless we act accordingly.

God will use our obedience so that others will marvel at His wondrous works.

Tiffiany Langston is a writer currently living in Clayton, NC with her husband of 12 years, their 2 vibrant children and the newest addition to their home- Granger the goldendoodle. She is a solopreneur who holds a NC esthetics license and is also an aspiring author. As a wife, mother and sister in Christ, she is dedicated to serving her family and the local congregation she attends. 

Tiffiany values honesty, integrity, consistency and simplicity. She is an optimist, lifelong Truth seeker, and peacemaker. Her love for the Lord and His Word runs deep, she enjoys being outdoors, likes to talk and have intimate conversations, and believes naps are one of the greatest delights of this life.


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