A Daily Purpose (Day 5)

A Daily Purpose (Day 5)

Surrounded by Favor

by contributing writer Tiffiany Langston

I’ve got a shirt that says, “Can’t nobody love you like Jesus.” I received it as a gift for my birthday, and it quickly made its way into the #1 spot as my all-time favorite t-shirt. So, I wear it often. I noticed early on that it never failed to get a smile with the following comment – “I like your shirt!”.

As I made my way to the car after having this exchange one day, I became curious – The individuals that comment, have they experienced for themselves that ‘Can’t nobody love you like Jesus’ or were they taught this? Maybe it’s been a combination of both!

Experience always works to be the most impactful way of learning.

In the years considered “formative” because of their long-term foundational impact, being taught something in our early childhood also makes a distinctive difference in how we handle the experiences of this life and the consequences.

I was well into adulthood before being taught that Jesus loved me most and desired that I have a relationship with Him. I knew and believed that I was a sinner and how that separated us from God, but no matter the high or the low, I rarely sought direction from Jesus through prayer and reading of the word. Not as a child, adolescent, or young adult. 

So when the inevitable storms of life approached with the wind and waves picking up, I sought refuge and comfort from the world instead of seeking refuge in God. And worldly wisdom, as it most often will do led to more pain, heartache, and suffering.

But this is how I know that what I’ve experienced and still do daily is God’s favor. As the referenced passage says, it is like a shield! Protecting the child of God from what we’ve prayed for and so much more than we could ever imagine to ask for shielding from! God is the one preserving the softness of our hearts when the demonic and evil of this world come against one of His own.

Can’t nobody love you like Jesus, and can’t nobody favor you like He does either.

The Lord God does ALL THINGS perfectly! Pray and seek God through His word in every high and every low. Trust that He cares for you, hears your prayers, protects you from the seen and unseen, and is faithful to guide you. And, be sure to remove the obstacles from your life that hinder fellowship with Him so that you can always serve with gladness -being joyful in Him.


Connect with Tiffiany Langston 

Tiffiany Langston is a writer currently living in Clayton, NC with her husband of 12 years, their 2 vibrant children and the newest addition to their home- Granger the goldendoodle. She is a solopreneur who holds a NC esthetics license and is also an aspiring author. As a wife, mother and sister in Christ, she is dedicated to serving her family and the local congregation she attends. 


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