A Daily Purpose Day 213

A Daily Purpose Day 213

Embracing God's Wisdom by Torrie Slaughter

 In Romans 15:14-22, the Apostle Paul addresses the importance of not forgetting God’s wisdom and the significance of his delay in coming to Rome. To fully grasp the gravity of his message, we must first explore the context of his previous writings in Romans.

Throughout the earlier chapters of Romans, Paul expounds on the foundational principles of the Gospel, emphasizing the redemption and justification offered through faith in Jesus Christ. He encourages believers to live righteous and transformed lives, transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). Paul underscores the importance of unity within the body of Christ, respecting the differing convictions of fellow believers while striving for mutual edification and encouragement (Romans 14:1-23).

Dear Friend,

Let us, like the Apostle Paul, seek to be vessels of God’s wisdom, humbly recognizing that it is through His grace and power that we can make a lasting impact. By relying on the Holy Spirit, we can boldly proclaim the message of salvation, knowing that faith comes by hearing and that the transformative power of the Gospel can change lives.


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