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Romans 1:18-32 serves as a reminder of the dangerous path humanity takes when it suppresses the truth about God. The consequences of sin are far-reaching, affecting individuals and societies alike. This passage calls us to reflect on the state of our hearts and the choices we make.While the message may be sobering, it also underscores the immense need for God’s grace and redemption. Despite our fallen nature, God offers forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. It is through His sacrifice on the cross that we can be reconciled to God and experience true transformation.

Yours in Christ, Torrie

🖊 BIBLE STUDY: The Consequences of Suppressing the Truth by Torrie Slaughter

🖊 DEVOTIONAL: Accountable to Seek Him by contributing writer, Diana L.W. Coleman

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Diana L.W. Coleman, is a woman of God, entrepreneur, and Bible teacher. She loves water aerobics and enjoys conversations with friends. You can connect with Diana at ⁠⁠⁠Living Earth CBD⁠⁠⁠ part of Wakanna For Life a holistic approach to healing.

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