A Daily Purpose (Day 18)

A Daily Purpose (Day 18)

Passion Revealed

By Contributing Writer Magan Martin


Have you ever been around someone that we might say has no filter?  Someone who says whatever they are thinking, no matter the consequence or opinions of others?  Oftentimes we say there’s a direct connection between their brains and their mouths, but the truth is that direct connection is between their hearts and their mouths.  Usually, we think of someone with a negative light when we’re talking about a person with no filter, but isn’t it really true of all of us?  We talk about what we’re passionate about.  If you love music, you likely talk music.  If you love a certain tv show, you likely talk that tv show.  (Anyone else get sucked into cooking competition shows?!) 

Your Words Reveal Your Heart

So, here’s the question.  How much do you talk about Jesus?  How much do you share what He’s doing in your life with those around you?  See, because here’s the problem.  If He isn’t what we’re talking about most, then He isn’t what is most in our hearts.  I love the translation of Matthew 12:34 that says, “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”  Out of the overflow, meaning there’s so much of it in your heart, that it can no longer be contained.  It has to come out.  I imagine it like a fountain bubbling up inside my heart, shooting straight through my mouth and out through my words.  What is it—who is it—that’s overflowing your heart?



Heavenly Father, thank you for filling up my heart with you.  I pray today, in Jesus’ name, that I will speak boldly from the overflow of my heart.  I pray that others will see you in me and see the works you’ve done in my life, and that they will be open to hearing about you when I talk.  Let my words reflect You always.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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Magan hails from the heart of the USA, in the very southeast corner of Kansas. She’s married with three beautiful kids who keep them on their toes. Magan and her husband both own businesses as well as work regular jobs. Magan also teaches online English classes every morning to kiddos in China.  And serves as a youth minister and on the local school board.


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