A Daily Purpose Day 118

A Daily Purpose Day 118
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When the Battle is Over

By Contributing Writer Magan Martin


Sometimes in life, we are knowingly fighting spiritual battles. These battles come in so many different forms, don’t they? Sometimes it’s in addictions, abuse, anger, relationships, hardships. . . truly, the list can go on and on. I won’t spend too much time talking about these battles because that’s not the focus for us today, but the truth is, as Christ-followers, we know how to combat those battles, don’t we? I’m not saying they’re easy fights, but we learn to pull out Ephesians 6:11-17, the whole armor of God. We know that our battle is lost without God, so we fight fervently, clinging to the Lord—and we’re victorious in Him.

We’re like Gideon in those moments.

Gideon, though he wasn’t perfect, excelled in the moments of spiritual battle. He listened to God and fought, standing in the faith that God was with him, and because of that faith, he witnessed astonishing God moments.

But after the victory, after the celebrations and congratulations, Gideon struggled after returning to everyday life. See, Gideon was an awesome God-follower in the heat of the moment, at the points of “faith highs,” but he struggled in the day-to-day living of a godly life. He didn’t know how to handle the mundane, and he became complacent.


Christ-follower, are you complacent in your life? Are you struggling to stay on fire for God?


My prayer for you today is that you will never be less faithful in the daily grind than you are in the times when your spiritual sword is flying.


Prayer: Father God in heaven, may we always love and live for you with zeal. I pray that I will use all the armor You’ve given me to stand victorious in You, and I pray that I will keep that same tenacity when my life is calm. Lord, may I live for you just the same in my everyday life as I do during the battles. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray, Amen

Magan hails from the heart of the USA, in the very southeast corner of Kansas. She’s married with three beautiful kids who keep them on their toes. Magan and her husband both own businesses as well as work regular jobs.


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