A Daily Purpose Day 116

A Daily Purpose Day 116
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Molding Our Hearts

Contributing Writer: Joshua Slaughter


Guiding Scripture: Luke 22:63-65, The men who were guarding Jesus began mocking and beating him.64 They blindfolded him and demanded, “Prophesy! Who hit you?”65 And they said many other insulting things to him.

Let’s linger on these verses. Jesus is a man of limitless power. He certainly knew who hit Him. But He said nothing. He wasn’t going to shy away from the plan God had for him. The pain of being separated from God the Father was more unbearable than the physical pain He endured. In order to save humanity and glorify God, Jesus became the sacrificial Lamb. 

Many of us would waver at the mass amount of trauma Jesus was going through. And yet, He still went forward. 

What can we take away from this? 


Jesus went through it all to give us our best life. But do we use it wisely? Not always. We’re going to make mistakes. God expects it from us. After all, we’re human. The enemy is often the one who resides between our two ears. We rehearse Satan’s lies when we think: “Oh, we can’t do this, or I’ll just wait til later.” 

 It’s odd. We have God on our side, yet we rely on our intellect and power to achieve goals.

Our God is infinite, omnipresent; He sees all whether we want Him to or not. We can do many things to paint ourselves in a better light to others, but it doesn’t matter when our hearts are evil. Only God can create the space and retrain your mind to be a “disciple of God.” Allow God to be the voice you hear. 

Prayer: Dear God, Please come into our hearts. Mold us into what you want us to be. Please help us do things that will be helpful as you  look at our daily lives. Amen.

 Joshua Slaughter

Joshua is the founder and host of Technically Unbothered, a podcast, mentality, and movement focused on helping others be comfortable with technology. Being ‘Technically Unbothered’ means growing horizontally with the ever-changing digital environment.


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