A Daily Purpose Day 102

A Daily Purpose Day 102

The Bible In A Year Daily Reading Plan

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Joshua 5:1-7:15, Luke 15:1-32, Psalm 81:1-16, Proverbs 13:1

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The Seriousness of Sin Part 2

By contributing writer Lindsey Capron


Contrary to popular belief, especially in the time we’re living in, sin is still sin, and sin is SERIOUS! The world has become desensitized to sin. We’ve learned to cherry-pick which sin is “not that bad” and which deserves condemnation. 


In Joshua 7:10-12, God reveals His attitude toward sin and how He deals with it. 


Joshua and his men had just been defeated in a battle in Ai after gaining epic victory in the battle of Jericho (Jos. 7:2-5). Before the defeat, a man named Achan from the tribe of Judah had violated God’s command regarding things dedicated for destruction from the battle of Jericho, and the LORD was angry about it (Jos. 6, 7:1).


In despair, Joshua goes to the LORD, lamenting his loss in the battle (Jos. 7:1).


The LORD answers Joshua, giving the reasons why Joshua was defeated. God holds all of Israel responsible for the loss because of one man, Achan’s, secret sin and explains the seriousness of when His command was broken. God tells Joshua what they have done wrong and what to do about it (Jos. 7:10-12). Achan and all those belonging to him were to be burned to death with fire because of his covenant-breaking actions (Jos. 7:14).


The secret sin of one man held one nation responsible for their defeat revealing God takes sin and disobedience very seriously. 


God’s everlasting covenant is with us today. Our sin, especially hidden in secret, damages not only ourselves but those around us. This exceptionally damages our testimony and work we’re doing for God’s Kingdom. 

While God’s methods of dealing Achan’s sin seems brutal and extreme, God found this judgment necessary to keep the Israelites holy and clean to effectively do God’s work and will under His authority and power. 


Hidden and unconfessed sin is a deadly cancer to the body of Christ and the ministry and must be dealt with quickly before it spreads. 


How many ministries have you seen broken or destroyed because of sin that was hidden and unconfessed? Do we have any hidden or unconfessed sin that we’re hiding or currently doing? God knows before anyone mentions a word and to protect His church, He will bring it to light. 


 A “small sin” or “big sin” weighs the same to God. 


While there are consequences to our sin, let’s be thankful for Jesus Christ’s blood that He shed on the cross to cleans, purify, and restore us. His crimson blood has the power to forgive and wash out the black stain of our sin so that we can be pure and white as snow when we confess our sins (1 John 1:9).


Sin is serious but so is the cleansing and redemptive love of our savior. 


Please join me in prayer:

Heavenly Father, 

You are holy. You called us to be set apart in You. You take all sin (big, small, hidden, and open) seriously. I confess all my sins. I ask for forgiveness of any sins that I may have or still committing knowing and unknowingly. I repent of them. Cleanse and purify my heart so fellowship with you and others in Christ can be restored and that Your power and glory can effectively shine in Your Kingdom. I thank You so much for Jesus’ blood that purifies and restores. 


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Lindsey Capron is an international speaker, bible teacher, and writer. She is also a web and brand consultant serving Kingdom builders and entrepreneurs for over 5 years. Lindsey has been featured in both national and international magazines for her service such as VoyageMIA,

Shout Out Miami, and Beauty and the Gospel. Lindsey is a wife and resides in tropical South Florida with her husband.


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