A Daily Purpose (Day 68)

A Daily Purpose (Day 68)
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The Power of God's Love

Contributing Writer: Robin Lambert


Jesus knew Judas’ heart, and He still washed his feet. 


It’s difficult to understand or believe that God can use broken people or flawed individuals to fulfill His plan. Yet, throughout the scriptures, you see Him do this. David dealt with rejection from King Saul. Joseph with betrayal from his brothers. Rahab with her sinful past. Elijah with his bouts of depression. And yes, even Judas who delivered Jesus into the hands of an enemy in violation of his allegiance to Jesus as one of His disciples.

Jesus may have marveled at the small army that came to arrest Him. Yet, He was in command; with a word, He could have destroyed all those who came to arrest Him. Jesus could have stopped Judas from betraying Him, but Jesus knew God had a plan.

Scripture needed to be fulfilled.

At the most dreadful time in history, you were able to see the best that God had to offer – a Savior Who came to redeem the world. Your brokenness isn’t more powerful than His ability to accomplish His will in your life. It was the worst of life which enabled you to experience the best of Who God is.


In the moments of:

Great darkness, God is Light

Disorienting bewilderment, God is our Guide.

Profound loneliness, God is Comfort.

Deepest despair, God shows Himself to be Hope.

Great suffering, God is our Sustainer.

Shrewd deception, our LORD is Truth.

Harsh rejection, Jesus is our Advocate.

The worst betrayal, God is the Covenant Keeper

The filthiest sin, our God is Forgiving.


He doesn’t need perfect people to accomplish His will. Today, dwell on this amazing story, your story, which is full of God’s love, His enabling victory, His abundant grace, and His unchangeable Truth. Jesus knew your heart, and He still washed you clean. 

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Robin is a California native and a SW Virginia resident who is a wife, mother, grandmother, Young Living Essential Oils representative and founder of Emotionally Messy Friends. The Church is full of women who desire a deeper walk with Christ. Their lives may be a mess, but God doesn’t want to keep them that way!


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